Reported By: Sandeep Chitre

Our group delivered another successful show on Nov. 26th evening at Lawrenceville. It was a B’day party combining two birthdays i.e. 60th birthday of “Mr. Shashi” and 1st B’day of his grand-daughter “Aislinn”. There were about 120 people as our audience.

Rajesh, Partha and Ramana performed about 12 songs…most of the songs were old classics by Rafi, Mukesh & Kishor. We started getting compliments even BEFORE the show started i.e. when our singers were checking microphones and music system. Cheers guys!!! The place was rocking towards end of the show when we performed Bar Bar Dekho and Koi Kahe Kehata Rahe.

Yours truly did the MC role along with Rajeshree. Once again, it was nice to talk.. not binding ourselves to a script. We could converse better with each other as well as with the audience.

Shashi uncle’s brothers, were the best supporters of the show. They were participating in the show… on and off stage!!! I think uncle’ best support was for “Mera Joota Hai Japani” when he used the table napkin, which incidentally was red, and used it as a hat while acting out Raj Kapoor!!!

Another uncle told us that he would like to invite us when they a function like this or a marriage!!!

One important thing we realized there was that now people have started asking for our group’s visiting cards and we should take care of it soon.

This was our last “planned” show for this year…so far. Keep your eyes and ears open where we could be invited and as always, we will rock.

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