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Tejoo Bambulkar

Treasurer, Volunteer

Tejoo is techie by heart and works as IT program manager. Born and brought up in land of Bollywood, she is passionate about everything about Bollywood especially the music. Influenced by her hard working parents who always helped others by going beyond their means, giving back became second nature to her and not something to do to pass time. “Hidden Gems” is a dream come true for someone like her, where music and supporting causes goes hand in hand and it all happens while having lot of fun!!! Tejoo volunteers as a Treasurer for Hidden Gems and also love to participate in helping out in organizing events to raise funds for various causes!!! Apart from Hidden Gems, she volunteers as a program director for “Save Indian Farmers”, working in Bundelkhand region on farmers issues. She is also film director, editor and a writer. Tejoo hosts a marathi weekly community roundup show on a leading Indian TV channel in USA. When she is not doing above, she is either partying with friends or traveling alone.

Hidden Gems is a Tax-Exempt, 501(c)(3) organization registered in New Jersey, USA