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Chetan Bhat


Chetan Bhat is an IT Executive with a passion for world music. When he is not managing trading systems, he spends his time traveling the world and listening to various genres of music ranging from Rock, Viking Metal, Pop, Disco, Celtic to ethnic music from Africa, Mongolia, Algeria and all forms of Indian classical and non-classical music. Chetan’s passion for music started at an early age when he formally learned the Tabla for 3 years. He quickly discovered a natural play-by-ear ability with the drums and started performing live during his yesteryears. Ever since, his drums have taken him through a journey of live performances working with various talented musicians across the United States. Over the past several years, Chetan has continued to put his natural talent to use for humble causes by being part of non-profit organizations/fund raisers by performing at various venues. He lives in South Brunswick, NJ with his amazing family consisting of his wife and two daughters.

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